While there have been some new Lockdown Lead Guitar videos recorded and uploaded to YouTube, I’ve been a little negligent with this blog

Episode 48 was recorded and uploaded today and it’s a song that I have a little history with; I was first introduced to the song by a student several years ago and straight away thought it was fantastic. A few years later I was working with a band and we’d all suggested song we wanted to play, and I suggested this one – and while our bassist, keyboard player and I learned our parts and were able to play it, sadly the singer felt that googling the lyrics 10 minutes before rehearsal was enough prep – spoiler alert: it wasn’t. Our drummer also had issues; despite considering himself some kind of superstar behind the kit he couldn’t quite grasp with the idea that he didn’t play for the first 8 bars, but would still be required to keep the bassist an keyboardist in time. He also took issue with me only being able to play one of the multiple overlapping guitar parts at a time (the snippet I’ve presented here has 3 guitar parts, 1 of which plays throughout the recording), he also tried to get the band to sack me so he could get his friend in my place – nice bloke!!! Suffice it to say that band was something of a shit show and I’m much happier no longer being associated with it.

My plan is still to end the series with episode 50 (it’s already recorded), but I’ve yet to decide what episode 49 is gonna be; we’ll see if inspiration strikes over the next few days.