Guitar Repairs

Several of my guitar students have asked me to perform repairs and modifications for them over the years, so I’ve decided to make this service available to any client.

I’m offering a selection of services that I can perform on your instrument, but be aware; I do not consider myself to be a luthier, so I won’t be shy about telling you when you’ll need to seek out someone more skilled.

Electric Guitars

Swift Setup – £20 + strings
-Guitar restrung
-Intonation Checked
-Action Checked

Standard Setup – £40 + strings
-Fingerboard Cleaned and Conditioned
-Frets Polished
-Guitar restrung
-Intonation Checked
-Action Checked
-Neck Relief Checked

Level, Crown and Polish – from £80
-All Frets Leveled
-Fall-away introduced at high end
-Frets crowned and polished
-Standard Setup

Pickup Swap (Electric Guitars)
-Strat/Tele style guitar – From £20 + price of pickup(s) if not provided
-LP/SG style Guitar – From £30 + price of pickup(s) if not provided

Semi-Acoustic Guitars – POA