Lockdown Lead Guitar episode #27 is on YouTube, this one was inspired by a student asking about the song, so it felt like a little self indulgent improv was in order.

The original version of the song from JJ Cale dates back to 1975, with the Clapton version appearing 2 years later. The version of the song I know best is from the ‘One More Car One, More Rider’ live album released in 2002. While I like the choice of material on the album, my feeling has always been that Clapton’s playing lacked some of the fire and energy that was apparent in his playing in the late 80s and through the 90s – I’m thinking specifically of the 24 Nights album and the first Crossroads concert at Madison Square Garden where his playing was, in my opinion, outstanding.

Love him or loathe him, and I know people that go both ways, Clapton’s playing has been a massive influence on a generation of guitar players, and that can’t be a bad thing.