Having been trying the couch to 5k app in an effort to be more active there has been an additional benefit – while I’m running I’m able to enjoy music in way that’s becoming old fashioned; listening (more or less) to an entire album, and this week one that I got through was Guns ‘n Roses ‘Appetite For Destruction”, and what an album it is, I don’t know how I missed it when I was a teenager.

From that I decided to revisit a tune from my days with Speedtrap (and Little Secret, but the less said about that the better) and that Sweet Child o’ Mine would be the subject of the Next Lockdown Lead Guitar video.

The guitar I’m using is my old faithful Patrick Eggle Berlin pro from 1991 (I’ve had it since 1997 but believe I am the only owner), I’m using a Morley Bad Horsey wah pedal and the final tone is coming from some new amp simulation software from ML Sound Lab and can be had for free here.

It does the overdriven guitar thing really well, but the free version appears to lack any clean tones – with many, but not all, amp sims the clean stuff sounds like something of an afterthought, but based on how well it does the dirty stuff it may well be worth upgrading to the paid for version.

Since the camera cut out before the end I’ve uploaded the audio to SoundCloud and it can be heard in full here.