21 April 2021

With my studio reorganised to give me a fresher feeling workspace, I decided to work on the next Lockdown Lead Guitar video and went for ‘Maria’, taken from Blondie’s No Exit album.

I was involved in recording a version of this song for a charity back in 2012, our version was in a different key, but I’ve put this together in the same key as the original.

I always liked the solo in this song as it was very short and to the point, but also interesting in that the chord sequence it’s played over is completely different from the rest of the track.

The guitar is my old reliable 1991 Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro HT, no amps were used, instead I used the ‘plexi’ setting on the Tech 21 Sansamp plugin in ProTools.

30 March 2021

Lockdown Lead Guitar #41 is Live on YouTube.

This time I picked a favourite blues track as the basis of the improvisation, I’m not really a blues player so to add to the novelty I chose a blues song that has more than the traditional 3 chords ; Otis Rush’s ‘As The Years Go Passing By’.

10 March 2021

Lockdown Lead Guitar’s most recent episode is, after a little surge of 90s nostalgia, coming up to date, with a 2015 track from an artist most famous for his work in the 1970s.

David Gilmour’s Rattle That Lock came out in 2015 and was supported up with a tour and a number of TV appearances, the title track was also the lead single and featured Gilmour using his ‘workman’ Fender Esquire. I’ve tried to get into the Tele groove by using my Redwing Tornado, a 90s guitar that takes a lot of it’s inspiration from a Nashville style Telecaster.

8 March 2021

The Lockdown Lead Guitar series on YouTube has been, so far, my interpretation of various riffs and solos hat I kinda like, last week I’ve turned inward and recreated the solo from a song I wrote back in the 90s.

Demo’d on a 4 track at some point in 1997, and recorded in 1998 with lyrics written by an old friend and band mate – the video embedded above shows, mostly, what I’d have played when we performed the song live, but I’ve taken some liberties in this recording by adding some multi-track guitars that time (and available tracks) didn’t permit back then.

16 February 2021

After a couple of lazy weeks I recorded the next installment of Lockdown Lead Guitar today, once again featuring the awesome playing of Wet Wet Wet’s Graeme Duffin, I think this is the third entry in the series to feature my take on his playing.

The song If I Never See You Again was the first single from the ’10’ album released in 1997.

29 January 2021

Since I’m coming up on my 21st (for the second time) I’ve set up a donate page on Facebook to raise some money for the charity Help Musicians.

If you are able and have a Facebook account, I’d ask you click here and donate whatever you can.

It’s thanks to this organisation that I’ve been able to keep the lights (and the amps) on during the pandemic, and I know I’m not the only one.

Thank You.

25 January 2021

I’ve been a little lazy with updating the blog since the new year, but I have continued to make videos for the Lockdown Lead Guitar series and they are live on YouTube.

Last weeks entry in the series was Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid’ and used an Eggle Iommi artist model guitar from 1995.

Today I decided to go for something a little less energetic, so chose Brian May’s ‘Why Don’t We Try Again’, a song dating back to 1998 and I believe was his last solo single for almost 20 years. Sticking with the idea of using artist signature guitars, I used a Burns Brian May Special that I bought in 2003 (I think).

18 January 2021

2020 is over!!! That’s a good start to 2021 by it’s self, and I’ve added a new video to the Lockdown Lead Guitar collection, this time is a track from David Gilmour’s 2006 Album On An Island.

This is based on the main solo towards the end of the song and is interesting in that it’s changing key every two bars, moving from the E blues scale to the aeolian mode of G minor.

22 December 2020

With tier 4 covid restrictions being imposed on Scotland from December 26th, it would appear the Speedtrap reunion gig scheduled for that day won’t be happening. Hopefully we’ll be back on track for December 2021 where the guitar solos will have twice as many notes.

With this in mind I’ve decided to pluck episode 31 of Lockdown Lead Guitar from the set list.

15 December 2020

All the way back in March we thought the covid pandemic would be resolved within a few months and I thought my YouTube series of guitar solos would be lucky if it reached 10 episodes. Well… Episode 30 was uploaded last week and there has been some progress with a vaccine, fingers crossed 2021 will be better.

This one is based on a student’s request, originally by Billy Idol and covered more recently by HiM – our goal was to add some flavour to the guitar solo.

Episode 31 will be a tad more up to date… well… from this century at least.